motion sensor automatic led light (white)

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Prevent falls & bumps at nightMotion activated LED light comes on automatically when it detects movement in the dark.Can be used as a torch
Battery operated.Stick it wherever you need light.Perfect for Seniors, children, moms with infants, pr

Product Details

Juvo Wonderlite with Torch
Juvo wonderlite comes on automatically when it detects motion in the dark. So you can stop worrying about elderly family members or kids tripping in the dark and hurting themselves.
- Motion sensor automatic LED Light
- Portable. Doubles up as a torch if required.
- 2 mins installation. Stick it wherever you need light.
- Battery operated.
- Use in your bedrooms, washrooms, main entrance door,
kitchen, almirahs, offices or hallway.
- Japanese PIR sensor. 1 year support for product from company.

  • Automatic motion
  • sensor LED light
  • Auto cut off
  • Portable - use as a torch if required.
  • 3 settings(On, Off & Auto)
  • Battery operated.
  • Easy to Install
  • Perfect for Senior citizens, kids, Moms with infants or pregnant ladies.
Motion Sensor LED light -30 second auto cut off
Juvo wonderlite has sophisticated sensors which automatically switch on the light when it detects motion and there is inadequate ambient light.
Juvo wonderlite switches off automatically after 30 seconds - when it detects adequate light or if it detects no further motion - thereby conserving battery life.

Dual purpose - Also use as a torch
Juvo Wonderlite’s dual purpose design allows you to fix it to a wall or you can also use it as a torch by taking it out of its holster(included) & putting it in " On" position.
Extremely easy 2 mins installation
Fix it with screws or use the double sided tape to stick it where ever you want or you can even keep it in a standing position where you need light.

Elegant looks
Juvo Wonderlite will enhance your home interiors with its contemporary & elegant flowing design, soft white color & extremly nice build & finish.

Use it where you need light-Use the Juvo wonderlite in your bedrooms, washrooms, main entrance door, kitchen, almirah, offices or wherever you need light or carry it if you travel frequently.

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