Partner Agreement

Agree on the following terms:

  1. General Terms and Conditions:This Agreement shall be governed by the General Terms Conditions mentioned here in.You agree and confirm to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.
  2.  Execution and Performance:This Agreement is only effective after verification,approval and confirmation by Gifts On Air Online Solution Private Limted.


Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions form an integral part of this Agreement entered into between entity name and Gifts On Air Online Solution Private Limited (“GiftsOnAir”), (eacha“Party” and collectively the“Parties”).By you agreeing to use our Promotional/MarketingService on and entering into this Agreement, you agree and accept to be bound by the present Terms and Conditions(“Agreement”)



1. Scope: GiftsOnAir is committed to motivating your customers in a business's target market to return often,make frequent purchases,and shun your competiton At GOA,we understand the value of retaining existing customers and also endeavor to increase new customers within the potential market.GiftsOnAir focuses on adding brand value to your business.And you are being engaged with us as a customer agreeing to use our services sold by Gifts On Air on the terms and conditions stated here in below.



2. Term:This engagement commences from the Effective Date mentioned here in above and shall continue unless terminated in accordance with the letter stated.

3. Your Responsibilities:

i.Logo of GiftsOnAir is mandatory in the promotions of offers.

ii.Updation of Information: Upon execution of this letter you shall provide the description of your promotional activities by providing the information through an e-mail.All the information provided shall be updated by you on regular basis.

iii.Acceptance of  Services:  Upon the voucher generated on the technology Platform, the Voucher will be delivered to the Customer and you. This Voucher shall be deemed as your acceptance to use our Services.

iv.Cancellations/Amendments:Any cancellation or amendments shall be as per the  policy.

v.Value of Gift Voucher:As per discount structure mutually agreed

vi.Bulk Buying of gifts shall not be procure for further trading.

vii.Gift Voucher: No trading of Gift vouchers is permitted.

viii.Misuse of Gift Vouchers: We are not liable for any kind of misuse of Gift Vouchers.

ix.Shipping  Charges:  Customers  need to be communicated to pay shipping charges as applicable.

x.Redeem Gift Voucher: Gift Voucher cannot be redeem as cash or any other kind,other than Gifts available on


4.Our Responsibilities:

i. Platform for Service: We will make available our service through the technology Platform to the Custom

ii. CustomerComplaints: We shall be solely responsible for all disputes and complaints from the Customer on issues arising out quality,delivery and fulfillment of services provided by the Service Provider to the Customer in relation to the Service and such issues/claims/disputes/complaints shall not constitutea claim against GiftsOnAir by you.

iii.  Develop Use and Display of Content: Based on the information provided by you,we will review and curate the same to developour Content to be listed on our Platform.This developed Content and any Intellectual Property Rights therein shall solely and exclusively belong to GiftsOnAir.

iv. Usageand Re-Distribution of Content: The Content developed shall be used to (i)use and display the Content on the Platform;(ii)market and promote the Contenton any social media platform(s)or other media;(iii)Modify,license and Re-distribute the Cont

v. Pricing: Gifts On Air may at its sole discretion mark-up(increase)or mark-down(discount) the pricing of our Service and the product displaying the same on the Platform.


5. MarketingFee

i. The Services would be sold as per price quoted by you.

ii. The rate of marketing fee could be revised as mutually agreed in writing.

iii.   All payments are subject to applicable taxes.


6. Payments

i. We accept only advance payment towards the services provided.


7. Termination:

i. In case either GiftsOnAir or You desire toopt out(terminate)this engagement,the same can be done by giving 15days written notice by both parties.

ii. If partner is inactive for 120 days. His account will be terminated.

iii. Additionally,we maya tour sole discretion terminate/discontinue this arrangement,if (i)you breach any the terms or conditions of this Engagement;or(ii)you have been consistently under performing.Termination due to breach will be effective if you do not remedy the breach within 7days from date of notifying you.

ivIn event of termination,no refund will be processed or reimbursed will processes & approved shopping only on approved issued vouchers can be used as per validity of same.


8. Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the India.Save asset out otherwise in this Agreement,anydisputes arising out or in connection with this Agreement shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent courtin Jaipur Rajasthan,India.


9. Miscellaneous

The Agreement may be entered in to online or by way of executing a separate counter part or by pd for fax copy,each of which(copies)shall be deemed an original,valid and binding.The Agreement only enters into force and effect upon written confirmation of acceptance and approval by GiftsOnAir.By registering and signing up with GiftsOnAir, you agree, acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.The Agreement does not need any chopor seal to make it valid,binding and enforceable.You also further agree to execute any further documents as required by Gifts On Air in confirmation of this agreement.